Sea Mineral MissouriWe are Steve and Trisha Nicholas, owners of Nicholas Farm, located in northwestern Missouri, and we are pleased to offer an outstanding and versatile product – for your crops, pastures, livestock and more…

Over years of misuse our soils have become depleted and our crops and plants no longer provide the essential nutrients on which our bodies thrive.  As we searched for more natural and environmentally friendly ways to manage our farm, we discovered a product that is not only good for pastures and crops, but for livestock as well.  Creation Sea Mineral has surpassed our expectations for a mineral to replenish our soil and provide our livestock with the minerals and trace elements they need.

We chose the name Creation Sea Mineral to honor God.  When God created the earth, He created it in its perfect form.  That included minerals and trace elements.  All living things, whether plant, animal or man, need these minerals and trace elements to flourish.  Creation Sea Mineral is an ideal solution to remineralize the soils that provide the food source for humans and livestock.

We want to thank you for taking time to look at our product, and encourage you to call or write if you have any questions or comments.

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